Friday, July 1, 2011

The Fifth Born

Posted by Uheartmevs at 10:39 AM
If there is only one opportunity to turn the pages of time, I wish to rewrite it...

If there is only one opportunity to undo all the things that happened, I wish to relive it...

The hours of glass continues from falling and there is no way to turn the hourglass over...

All that is left are memories... the sweetness of nothing... Your face was painted on my mind... You were my master piece. Seamless, beautiful, perfect... But... You were cold, dead and burried 6 feet under, there is no way to hold you but only to remember the days that we have you. You were stolen away from us, it was a misery. However, the love of God left us with your memories and from those memories I know nothing has changed you will always be our brat, little boy.

May you rest in peace.Happy Birthday, Brother!


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