About Me 

May Belle Joy is a 24 year old, petite Filipina living somewhere South of the Philippines. Her friends call her Mevs. She graduated her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at the University of the Immaculate Conception. She is now a Nurse by profession and a blogger/ writer by heart.

Since Mevs is not entirely fashionable her blog posts are not solely about fashion. Her blog is composed mostly of her love affair with life, love, fashion, beauty and  health, travel, product reviews and anything in random.

Mevs initially started blogging since 2009 but she was not very active because of several errands to attend. By 2010, she became a free lance article writer and focuses her writings on health. In fact, her paid articles are also published here. Eventually, her passion for blogging have become more meaningful than she has anticipated. She considers her blog as her sanctuary to her everyday struggle of life- happiness and sadness, success and failures, love and hate, strengths and weaknesses.

More about Me 

Before I became a blogger (self-proclaim) I was a writer. My passion for writing started from grade school days since I was part of our school publication where I am a Feature Writer and joined Journalism contests. Eventually, my love affair for writing didn't end after I graduated grade school. From then on I continued to become part of school publication in high school and college.

I am married now with my long time boyfriend for 8 years and blessed with our little angel Adriana Belle. 

I'm in love with beauty, fashion and elegance.  I'm in love with Parisian life and dreamed of someday travelling Paris.

My heart is doing acrobatics whenever I see something in pink and things that shine. I'm in love with shoes, bags, make up, pastries, pizza, sunrise, beach, butterflies and anything in random. Perhaps, I'm in love with everything 'ayt?

Aside from blogging my hobbies include; reading, watching movies, social networking (did I say I'm a social media junkie?), listening to music and plainly sleeping. Haha, yes I'm a lazy bum so don't expect me to blog post everyday. I only blog when I really feel like blogging, or perhaps if I over think a lot so I have to put it through writings, or I am emotionally constipated (forgive me for the word).

I'll dance in the rain. I'll laugh at lightning. I'll drink at raindrops. I'll see the sun comes out from the wide horizon.  I'll lean into the wind. I'm a free spirit. Yes I live life.


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