Saturday, July 9, 2011


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For 13 days in a row, I kept on babbling about life, pain, angsts and all the drama. Now, let's talk about something juicy, sexy and pink!

Saturday+day off= Whole day internet surfing. The same things happened everytime, I was literally whole day engaged with my laptop.

Thank God for youtube I found this video Victoria's Secret Top Models, this next video are some clips of one of my most admired supermodel Tyra Banks.

Tyra nailed it with her boobs. Giselle with her endless legs.Naomi with her thighs. Heidi with her angelic face and Adriana with her seductive eyes. They have different distinct features. They have different strenghts and weaknesses, they are not just another pretty face but more than that they've got character that inspired (not just Me) but all the women living in this world.


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