Friday, July 8, 2011

Life's Little Perks

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We keep on working hard to buy the things that will make us happy. In result we are always having those sleepless nights, hectic schedules and even compromise our own happiness. I, myself would think that when you are rich, everything seems possible and all your dreams will be made to reality. However, there will always be exception to all rules because as what the old cliche says, the best things in life are free.

Those simple things that makes our heart grow ponder that transcends to our soul and made our life meaningful, they don't need to be expensive things as long as it makes you happy and make you feel relieved. 

Foodie, completes my day. Truth is, I don't go for expensive brand of food. I love chocolates ad my favorite is curly tops. It looks so cute and tastes really good. I love marshmallow, it's so  mushy and soft I love ice cream because it calms my mind and satisfies my tastebuds. I love coffee, I admit I'm addicted to caffeine. I love Puca, that tiny biscuit that has chocolates inside, wow perfect must-grab in the grocery store, it's so damn addicting. 

I love everything about writing, blogging perhaps. I love social media thus I have almost all account in every social media website, name it and I have it.

I love to watch movies and listen to feel good songs. Most of the time, I prefer to be alone. I really don't like loud environment.

Above everything, I love the people that always makes me smile. When you arrive from work, worn out and stressed it feels good that someone calms you and rescued you from immense drowning. 


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