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Vitamins Canada - The 6 Important Vitamins Trusted by Ob-Gyne

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When you announce that you are finally pregnant, it seems that there is a sudden commotion from husband, your family, friends and the rest of your office mates. Everyone is very much willing to share what they call expert opinions. Pregnancy is a very important milestone in every woman’s lives especially when it is your first. As much as you want to practice all those advices that your friends are telling you, you only want the best for your child. Proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and correct supplementation are the main pointers for a healthy pregnancy. In this article, let me elaborate six of the most important vitamins Canada highly recommended by obstetrician-gynecologist.

Thiamine. It is one of the B-complex vitamins and helps for the metabolism of fats and protein. A deficiency in Thiamine during pregnancy may lead to Beriberi in which the baby may suffer from heart and lung damage. Thiamine is one of the most important vitamins Canada for nervous system development and for optimization of brain function. Its sources includes; wheat germ and eggs.

Riboflavin. Many vitamins Canada can help in the baby’s development, one of the examples of these vitamins is Riboflavin. Riboflavin aids in developing the baby’s bones and muscles. It also helps in the development of nervous system. A deficiency in Riboflavin vitamin will lead to pre eclampsia. When a baby is delivered it will be prone to infection because it has a low immunity. Foods that are rich in Riboflavin are; fortified cereals and eggs.

Niacin. One of the most vital functions of Niacin is its important role for the building of placenta. Placenta is very important for the mother and child because it is through placenta that the baby can get nutrients from the mother and facilitate circulation. One example of rich sources of Niacin is bread products.

Pyridoxine. An oddly fact but Pyridoxine helps alleviate morning sickness for some pregnant mothers. Other than this, it also aids mom and the baby in developing the formation of red blood cell. It almost has the same functions with other vitamins Canada, specifically B-complex vitamins; it also helps in the development of brain and nervous system. The food rich in Pyridoxine are baked potatoes and watermelon.

Folic acid. Have you ever heard of neural tube defects? A neural tube defect is one of the most serious birth defect involving brain and the spinal cord. Common example of this is spina bifida in which the spine is not closed. Unfortunately, this defect might develop on the first 28 days of pregnancy in which women are not yet aware that they are not pregnant thus it is important to always maintain a recommended folic acid intake especially when planning of becoming mothers. Best sources folic acid are nuts, beans and citrus foods.

Ascorbic acid. It is known to be an antioxidant and helps build resistance against infection. It is both important for the mother and baby for tissue building and proper absorption of iron. Best sources of Ascorbic acid includes; raspberry, bell peppers and tomatoes.

Vitamins Canada is essential for everyday use but it is double the need if pregnant because there are the two recipients for the nutritional requirement needed. At the end of the day, it is not just correct intake of vitamins but should be accompanied with appropriate nutrition, exercises and regular check-up with the health experts.

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Vitamins Canada - The 5 B’s and a C for a Healthy Pregnancy

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It is a time of great happiness when you find out that you are pregnant. In fact you will find yourself carrying a sweet smile and crying with tears of joy when you are caressing your stomach as you are trying to give comfort with that growing baby inside your womb. As much as you want to protect your baby inside you, a mother must consider a lot of responsibilities to help the baby grow healthily and also promote her own health. In this article, 6 important vitamins Canada will be discussed for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is one of the 8 B-vitamins that are essential for metabolism of fats and protein. They help in central nervous system to function properly and needed for optimal brain function. Deficiency in Vitamin B1 during pregnancy can lead to Beriberi which can possibly damage the baby’s heart and lungs. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B1 include the following: eggs, whole grain or enriched cereals and rice.

Vitamin B2. In the other hand, Vitamin B2 helps in energy-production for the baby to develop the baby’s bones, muscles and nervous system. Mothers who have Vitamin B2 deficiency are prone to preeclampsia, which may lead to a fatal condition called eclampsia. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B2 are red meat and dairy products.

Vitamin B3. It is responsible for providing energy for the baby as well to grow and helps to build placenta, which is required for baby’s circulation. Food sources include fortified cereals and eggs.

Vitamin B6. It is important for myelin formation. It is one of the requirements for the synthesis of neurotransmitters of serotonin and norepinephrine. These vitamins Canada help in the development of baby’s brain and nervous system functions. In some cases, it can help in the reduction of morning sickness for pregnant mothers. Food that are rich in Vitamin B6 include the following: chick peas and chicken breast, bananas, meat and flour.

Vitamin B9. It is very important for baby’s development. It is vital for DNA replication, cell growth and tissue formation. A deficiency of Vitamin B9 can lead to neural tube defects like spina bifida, anencephaly and encephalocele. Unfortunately, these conditions may occur during the first 21-28 days of pregnancy which commonly during these days pregnant moms do not know yet that they are "actually" pregnant. It is advisable that if you are planning to be a mother, daily vitamins Canada should be intake. Best source of Vitamin B9 include oranges, leafy green vegetables and cauliflower.

Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron and boosts the immune system for mother and baby. Vitamin C helps in holding the cells together to build a tissue. This function is helpful in the development of the baby. The rich sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits, green beans and broccoli.

There are a lot of important vitamins needed for a healthy pregnancy. The development of the baby is very critical and important because one wrong move can affect the baby’s condition. Generally, healthy lifestyle, correct nutrition and proper exercise and recommended vitamins from your Ob-Gyne are the important things to remember to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy.

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Supplements Canada - The 6 Best Advantages of Supplements

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Nowadays, getting a balanced diet and regular exercise are not enough to get a healthy body. This is because our food undergone a lot of manufacturing process that causes nutritional content to be depleted. Supplements gave almost the same nutritional content in our body depending with our physical needs. This is why supplements Canada are in demand- prescribed by doctors and used by a lot of people. In this article, let me discuss the 6 advantages why we have to use supplements.

Medicines for prevention. Supplements are the alternative way of preventing disease. Aside from eating a balance and nutritious meal, taking supplements Canada is one of the recommended ways of avoiding the occurrence of diseases related to deficiency in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Bodybuilding supplements. Muscle fibres became worn out especially when used excessively during work out, this is the main reason why bodybuilders use supplements to repair the damaged muscle fibres and maintain its shape.

Weight Loss Surgery. Weight loss surgery patients should dedicate themselves in religiously taking supplements through the remainder of their lives .They have a reduced absorption capacity of calorie intake and inhibits the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. If done otherwise, patient may suffer the fatal neurologic disorder called, Wernicke encephalopathy. The disorder could be dreadful but definitely preventable.

Athletes. Athletes have a special supplement compared to those who are not engaged to any sports activities. They need twice the figure compared to an ordinary supplement because they exert a lot energy in their activities. They need double the calories, twice the protein intake and twice the immune-booster supplements. Athletes have specific supplements called Sports Supplements in which the nutritional, vitamins and mineral requirements are carefully calculated.

Nutritional source. Undeniably, we cannot choose and eat what is appropriate for us. No matter how much we want to eat the food that our body needs still we crave for foods that we want to eat. Remember that need is different from want. This goes the same way with toddler, at their age they become very choosy with their preferences. Unfortunately, they commonly prefer foods that have lesser nutritional content and supplements Canada. It is not necessary to let the toddlers eat what they wanted, but supplements serves as a means of providing additional nutritional intake for the body.

Look beautiful. Truth is we are always judged by how we look, way our skin glows in the sunlight and our hair sways with the air. Ladies, especially always find a way to look beautiful and even if some girls were born to be a natural beauty it is a must to maintain with how we look. They said it is all about character but we cannot deny that physical beauty is a plus factor. Natural regimens are always available but we cannot stop ourselves from asking help from Science. Thank God we have supplements Canada to reinforce the vitamins and minerals we needed to get a more beautiful look.

Definitely, there are millions of reasons why we have to use supplements. These are just 6 of the best advantages why we have to use supplements. Over all, supplements Canada does not just focuses on physical wellness but it connects from dot A to B and from B to C. When we are physically fit, our mental mind absorbs our wellness and it always reflects on how we look outside. Remember that health does not concentrate on physical wellness only but holistically.

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Supplements Canada - 6 Vital Reasons why we have to Use Supplements

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Eating a full, balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise are of paramount significance for acquiring a healthy body but practicing these three important things is much easier said than done. Modernization has altered almost everything in this world and that includes even our natural resources of foods. Getting the appropriate and nutritious food for our body is a day to day struggle thus supplements Canada are very important to maintain our wellness. In this article you will learn the 6 vital reasons why we have to use supplements.

Prevention. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. One of the best reasons why we have to use supplements is because it helps prevents diseases caused by deficiency in a certain nutrient. For instance, deficiency in Vitamin A will result to night blindness and worst scenario will be total blindness. The outcome is scary however it is totally preventable through taking the appropriate supplements.

Bodybuilders. When hitting the gym is not enough to gain healthy shape, bodybuilders take the supplements to help them achieve their goal. Supplements are not just use for gaining weight and increasing body muscle but helps repair worn out muscle fibres used from excessive exercise.

Weight Loss Operation. Every patient who has undergone a weight loss surgery is that it reduced the body’s ability to absorb calories from the food intake but also inhibits the take-up of the body’s vitamin and nutritional requirements. Hence, any patient who has undergone a weight loss surgery should take supplements Canada for the rest of his lives. If unable to take supplements, a fatal neurologic condition called Wernicke encephalopathy might happen to the patient.

Sports-related activities. Athletes have very demanding nutritional requirements than ordinary people who are not engaged with any sports. They have double in every figures; carbohydrate contents for energy consumption, protein for muscle repair, vitamin and minerals for body’s immunity and fluid to avoid cellular dehydration. A hearty meal is not merely enough to meet all the demanding needs of the body thus many athletes use supplements.

Artificial source of nutrition. This area helps to alleviate the main problem of almost all the mother in the world. During toddler years, kids became choosy of what they ate and unfortunately they choose those foods that have lesser nutritional content. Supplements Canada became an answer to the problem, supplements have equal nutritional content with the natural resources. Various supplements are marketed with different nutritional content and level depending on what the body needs.

Look Great. Everything is possible through science and that includes being beautiful. Who doesn’t want to have a flawless, blooming skin? Everybody does I guess, especially for ladies. Even though many would prefer to have natural way of staying beautiful but it is easier said than done, we are living in the world full of hassles and bustles and what we need is convenience. We owe science for combination of convenience and beauty benefits; thankfully beauty supplements are available in the market.

At the end of the day, Supplements Canada does not just help us to stay fit physically but also mentally healthy. One should remember that health is holistic; it does not concentrate only on physical aspect but also sees health as a whole. We owe this to modern science, for creating supplements in our world.

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Supplements Canada - Discover the 6 Important Reasons why we have to Use Supplements

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Every one of us is aware that we are living in this world full of pressures and stressors. Every body works to live and live to work. We just don’t exist but we have to survive and in order to survive we need to be physically fit. Nowadays, markets around the world have various supplements that are meant for different physical needs. Why is it important? Why don’t we just live a healthy lifestyle or eat natural food instead? It could be an option but will it suffice? In this article, let me discuss to you the 6 important reasons why we have to use supplements Canada.

Preventative medicine. Vitamins are important for prevention of. We are aware that because of our modern food manufacturing, nutritional content are depleted and this is the reason why people is making sure that they will still be receiving the same amount of vitamin supplement everyday through the intake of supplements Canada.

Bodybuilding. Workout and balance diet will always be effective for bodybuilders however if we want to be one step closer towards our goal the aid of supplements Canada is a big help. Physiologically, after successive workouts our muscle fibres get worn out and needs to be repaired by some of the important minerals in our body, the role of proper nutrition comes in however this will not suffice everything for the repair and this will be the role of supplements in our body.

Weight Loss Surgery. This area is probably the most critical and important reason why intake of supplements Canada is highly recommended. People who have undergone a weight loss surgery have one important price to pay - they have to take supplements for the rest of their lives. Majority of these post operative patients failed to make a lifetime commitment by religiously taking the supplementation and because of these they eventually suffer Wernicke encephalopathy, a serious neurologic disorder brought by deficiency in thiamine. The disorder is grave but totally preventable.

Athletic performance. Athletes have a very demanding nutritional requirement, they have double or triple demands in terms of nutritional requirements than ordinary individuals. To attain the athletes’ maximum potential all body systems must work hand in hand. Training, healthy food intake and appropriate supplements Canada will help boosts one’s immunity, maximize body’s endurance and maintain the body’s healthy shape.

Alternative source of nutrition. This particularly works for kids as this is the time of their life when they become picky-eater. They prefer junk foods, chocolates and candies. Science understands this main problem especially for mothers thus supplements Canada has brought a lot of boom in the market. These supplements are especially created for kids to have specific amount of nutrients that is required for their growth and immune resistance.

Look Better. Unfortunately looking great doesn’t just happen. Even if you are natural knock out the beauty you possessed must be maintained. Fortunately, science showed to us that everything is possible and with the help of supplements we can still maintain our healthy glow, moisturized skin and shiny, silky hair.

Live better. Feel better. Look better. When you have all of these, life is perfect. Remember that a healthy life is equal to a healthy mind and having a healthy body and mind reflects with the way we look. Supplements Canada offers us everything we need for.

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Whey Protein - The Health Benefits you have Never Heard of

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Whey protein is recognized as one of the best sources of protein. Protein is recommended for daily consumption for without it, body development and muscle structure is hindered. Protein is the one of the most important nutrients in our body that helps in boosting our immune system, healing of wounds and replenishing blood. In the other hand, eggs, milk, tofu beef are some of the examples of the food rich in protein.

We heard about several interesting stories about how a single important discovery came from least expected event. Say for example, the discovery of Penicillin by Alexander Fleming; many would describe the discovery as a fortunate accident, “serendipity” perhaps. This goes the same with whey protein. Whey protein was derived from the process of producing cheese from milk.

Whey protein is very popular to athletes and body builder because it enhances physical body growth and physical performance. Whey protein is not only beneficial for physical performance, but also to psychological health as well. Researchers have found more and more significant benefits that whey protein can do to our physical health.

In terms of mental health, whey protein greatly contributes into improvement of memory and responding to critical situation brought by acute stress. Researchers concluded that whey protein helps in the production of certain enzyme that helps to increase the level of serotonin of a person. Remember, that for those depressed patients, it was found out that there is a drastic decrease of serotonin level, thus serotonin is said to be the happy hormone of our body. It helps improve memory as well in relation to a person’s ability to cope up with acute stress.

Whey protein is commonly utilized by athletes and body builders because protein’s major function is the development of body structure and muscles in our body. Nowadays, whey protein is not only consumed by athletes but even for health nuts, it helps increase our lean body mass without worrying of getting an increase fat level in our body. Yes, you heared it right. It was scientifically proven by researchers that the increase of body mass is due to increase in muscle mass but fat level is still maintained or even decrease.

Whey protein contributes to cancer management. Cancer patients is low in immune system because they have low antioxidants presence in their body which greatly helps boost their immunity however according to recent study whey protein is also a great source of glutathione that may help a cancer patient to increase its immunity against opportunistic infections.

Whey protein is both beneficial in physical and psychological aspect. Health vision all over the world greatly emphasizes on prevention of illness and this will only be acquired if one’s body is protected against infection. Whey protein helps boost one’s immunity. Aside from this, whey protein helps in maintaining blood glucose level especially for those who have type 2 Diabetes and weigh management.

Whey protein is indeed another great help for every one of us, for health conscious most especially. It is overwhelming to realize how the world never stops in finding out more and discovering things that will help improve our lives and providing a quality and healthy living.

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Whey protein - Its Health Benefits to Body and Mind

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Protein is one of the most significant macro nutrients in our body. Protein provide various and important functions in our body that helps in development of bone and muscle structure. It helps in producing antioxidant too and helps in healing of wounds. Whey protein is one of the ultimate forms of protein sources other than eggs and meat.

Whey protein has been widely recognized to be one of the best sources of protein content; however the most interesting part of this is that whey protein is a liquid by-product of cheese production. Whey protein came from milk and is left after the milk coagulates and separated after cheese is processed. This amazes everyone on how one vital discovery came from fortunate, unexpected accidents. This goes the same on how was Penicillin was discovered by Fleming centuries ago.

Whey proteins provide great help in providing improvement of physical and psychological performance of each individual. For how many years, body builders mainly utilized whey protein in their diet but as time goes by nutrition experts have discovered interesting and helping health benefits to every individual and even to those patients who have debilitating condition.

Serotonin, a neurotransmitter is the one responsible for uplifting ones mood. It has been called as our “happy hormone.” It helps to alleviate stress in our daily lives. Recently, a team of researchers have found out that those individuals who have regular consumption of whey proteins are more likely to have handled situations under acute stress. Whey protein raises serotonin level especially during the time of acute stress attack. In the other hand, it helps improve memory as the effect of reduction of stress in our body.

Majority of body builders and athlete’s daily consumption is whey protein. They trust their health on whey protein because it has two-in-a-one health benefits. Whey protein helps increase lean body mass weight and muscle build up but the exciting part about it is that it also decreases body fat. This has been considered an answered prayer for health OCs, this will surely helps achieve one’s goal for fitness without worrying the bad effect of getting high fat level in our body.

Whey protein contributes in boosting one’s immunity. Whey protein is one of the best sources of glutathione, which is an antioxidant. Antioxidant fight against free radicals that contributes on building up cancerous cells, thus medical experts have recently discovered that it is also beneficial to cancer patients.

Various health benefits can be sub mentioned under Whey protein, it is subdivided into two parts: physical and psychological. The most important function of whey protein is its capability to help increase glutathione, which is known to be an antioxidant that is very helpful especially for cancer patients. Other than that, whey protein helps control the blood glucose level of an individual thus it is considered to be one of the recommended supplement for patients who have type 2 diabetes.

Indeed, the world never ceases to seek for more brilliant discoveries for the benefit of every individual. Whey protein can provide a lot of great help in rendering quality life through healthy nutrition to every one of us. It is rewarding to the world’s medical team and experts to achieve and discovered another breakthrough.

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Whey Protein - The Best way is the Whey Protein Way

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Whey protein is considered to be one of the major nutrients needed in our body. Proteins serve as the building block of bones, muscles and blood. It offers different benefits in our body like body development, healing of wounds, replenishment of blood and the like. Protein sources include eggs, milk and tofu but for protein supplements whey protein has been widely- recognized and recommended by doctors and said to be one of the ultimate protein sources.

Just like the fortunate accident that happened when Fleming discovered Penicillin, whey protein shared the same fate. Whey protein was actually derived from milk. Whey is extracted during the process of turning milk into cheese. It is indeed amazing how ordinary things unexpectedly turn out to be extraordinary for mankind.

For many decades, whey protein was utilized by body builders and health conscious eventually as time goes by scientists and health experts discovered more and more of its benefits. Generally, whey proteins have two beneficial effects physically and psychologically.

Whey protein helps to alleviate stress in our daily lives. It improves to cope with stress because it alters brain serotonin level in our body with response to stress. Researchers have also found out that whey protein greatly contribute to improving memory. Hand in hand, the improvement of memory is the result of decrease stress in our body. Studies show that people who are at risk of stress may greatly benefit by using whey protein which raises serotonin level, which is known to be the “happy hormone.”

Body builders and athletes greatly rely in their diet as their supplement, why? Protein is the one responsible for muscle development. It helps increase lean body mass weight but also a decrease in body fat. This is pretty amazing not just for athletes but also for health nuts. This is very interesting, it is like a two-in-one health benefits that helps solve our fitness and health goals while not increasing our body fat.

Another significant fact about whey protein is that it helps boost our immune system. Proven by science, protein is a great source of antioxidant like glutathione therefore helps improve immunity as well. Whey protein has been proven to be beneficial to cancer patients. There is a great alteration in immunity for cancer patients; they have reduced glutathione, which is known to be an antioxidant and help weakened immune system.

In the other hand, whey protein is a great source to help prevent cancer itself, since it helps increase glutathione which is an antioxidant it will then fight against free radicals that leads to formation of cancerous cells. Whey protein still have many health benefits to an individual aside from psychological and physical performance especially for immunity it is also beneficial especially for those who have Type II diabetes because it helps control blood glucose level and aid in weight management.

Generally, whey protein does a lot of great help in providing health care and good nutrition to each individual- at different ages, gender and lifestyle. Whey protein’s discovery is a triumph for the world of health and sciences, another breakthrough in the world of medicine and nutrition.

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