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First Mac Lipstick: Pink Noveau

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I am a pink freak but I was not really a fan of pink lipstick. I believe that red lipstick always the forever classic in terms of lip's color- it represents strength and boldness of a woman's character. I have a medium skin tone as well, playing around NC 30-35 and I don't think I can pull off a bright pink lipstick on day to day basis but because I'm such a curious cat, I love to play around and feed my curiosity.

In terms of lipstick, MAC cosmetics is always the talk of the town, but the 3g lipstick is quite expensive I don't really think I can spend a whooping Php 1000 for just a tube of a lipstick! But as I fired up my search engine I've seen such flattering swatches and so I decided to buy one.

Mac says:

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Shimmers on the streets. What made M-A-C famous! 

My first ever Mac lipstick is PINK NOVEAU.

Photo not Mine; Photo credits to rightful owner


 The packaging really stands out among the lipsticks I owned, it looks so classy and sleek. The packaging comes with a bullet-like tube, coated with all black matte color, it is travel- friendly and super light.

Pink noveau has a satin finish, it has a cool-toned, blue based, light medium pink. They describe it as a barbie pink (think of Nicki Minaj lips), the color alone is really beautiful, highly pigmented, very flattering and not too drying since it a satin finish. It is very creamy and really smells good, it reminds me of vanilla.

No wonder this color is one of the most popular shades of Mac lipsticks and always runs out of stock.


Here is a swatch against my NC30-35 skin tone.
With flash

No flash
The color alone is so bright, bold, neon-ish, barbie-ish pink. It is a very playful color. However, they said it works more on fair skin tone which I agree. The crack on your lips and flakes may appear visible so make sure your lipstick are exfoliated before wearing it. Lasting power is ok, I can wear it for 4-5 hours.

Where to purchase. Check their Instagram Es_online

Rating: 8/10
Pink noveau is a very  lovely color. Formula wise it is the best formula I ever tried so far, the price is worth it but maybe the color doesn't work for me because I do not have fair skin tone. Will I purchase it again? Maybe, if I can not find a better shade of pink than this one.

My first Mac experience is worth it and even if it is expensive I think we deserve to be pampered every once in a while. Mac is highly addictive, maybe because when you buy one shade you are urge to buy the other sets of shades until you will see yourself hoarding more than what you need.

How about you? Do you own a Mac lipstick? and what was the first shade you purchased? Do you like it so far?


Wonder Woman on March 18, 2013 at 2:37 PM said...

Beautiful! I wish I could pull off that shade the way you do!

Uheartmevs on March 19, 2013 at 9:50 PM said...

Thanks dear,

Pink Noveau is a pretty color but I don't think I have really pull it off.. Well you should give this a try, maybe it is also a matter of right application. :)

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