Friday, July 15, 2011

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy

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You were on a train, you saw this guy, your eyes met, you smiled with each other and from then on you never forgot his face.

You were on a coffee shop, sipping a cup of coffee, then someone caught your attention, there was this beautiful girl whose smile can sink thousands of ships, you never missed out that opportunity so you asked for her number. You left home with a smile thinking that you finally met the 'one.'

Different stories different places, different people. When boy meets girl, it sparks of something new, something we probably called love. It paints sweet curve in our faces. It makes our heart skip a beat and from then on we mentally picture ourselves with that person.

Few days, after your first meet, fate seems have let your paths cross again. You bumped at the place where you first met or you met at that least expected day and place. To some, it was coincidence but for you it was serendipity, a sweet accident perhaps. The next thing you know, you two were dating, you enjoyed the relationship. You met his friends, you met her family. You like your similarities and accepted your differences.

Few weeks, few months or few years, you started to fight with the silliest reasons. You have seen your relationships been through ups and downs. You have discovered that the person whom you have thought you already know have become the person that he/she is not. Then someone, decided to end the relationship. You never thought that it was easy for the other person to decide to end it up, but what can you do, he/she is no longer happy. The relationship ruins both of you and even if it breaks you heart into pieces you need to let go, you just have to. Like all epic love stories, there will always be the one who got away.

The story doesn't end there, after the break up, you have seen yourselves been through hell and back. You become catatonic and you felt that your heart has been alienated. For some it took months or years. The pain will always there and not a day in you life that you never blamed the day that you met. You wished it never occur, you wished to skip that day. But at the back of your mind, it made you happy once in a while but your heart was too clouded by pain. All that is left are the bittersweet memories.

One day, not like those typical, weary days. For the longest time, you have win back that smile. The smile you have missed for awhile. It doesn't mean that you are okay, but you have finally let yourself believe that it's really over and it's about time to 'live' again.

Not all love stories ends up with a happy ending and not all 'boy-meets-girl' ends up with a love story. Most of the time, it is just a story of  a boy meets girl. Period. Full stop.

I did not intend to be pesimmistic. This entry is greatly inspired by 500 Days of Summer movie.


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