Friday, December 21, 2012

In sync with nature

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For the second day of our prenuptial photo shoot we decided to take a peek with little miss sunshine and went for an outdoor photo shoot. Indeed the weather was so cooperative all I can see is the deep blue sky covered with occasional white blotches of clouds. The birds look so happy dancing with the wind, the trees looked so peaceful with nature and the flowers bloom in such a perfect way. Should I say that this is indeed a perfect day for vanity and love?

So without hesitation I know that my dress would totally fit for the place. I opted for a hot pink hued in floral pattern dress. Floral pattern is very perfect for a daytime look. I entirely love the pop of colors which totally reminds you that summer is definitely here! The color is very bright and vibrant!

I paired my dress with an orange hued wedge. Did I told you that I'm such sucker for wedges, I mean they are very comfortable to wear than stilettos yet still give you the omph look when you walk and also I'm such a clumsy girl I trip down so easily and that's a confession. [Insert sorry face here]

What I like about my dress is that it has a very beautiful wooden- beaded collar that will serve as an instant accessory! This is the very reason why this dress looks very fab.

The dress has a bit of naughty and nice combo too, it may looked conservative in front but it has a cute peek-a-boo effect at the back. Aren't they look so sexy?

The makeup totally suit for the daytime look; it looks fresh and neat and the curls, yes the curls again. As a whole, I think I'll give an 8/10 for this barely there look.

Dress from a local boutique
Wedge: Leaveland

I am completely smitten top with floral patterns ever since, well who wouldn't? I think every girl does. Floral printed dresses will always look super girly, right?

Photography by: Infinity Studios
Hair and Make up by: Sandy Mangandia

Monday, December 17, 2012

Paws Out: Leopard Print on Pastel Tone

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The second outfit that I wore for our prenuptial shoot is one of my favorite dresses on my wardrobe. Simply because this dress is so me; simple yet chic.The upper portion of the dress is crocheted. I am so into crocheted and knitted top lately. I think it looks cute especially when paired with ripped jeans as well. I also love the leopard print bottom part of the dress which is being toned by pastel hues. I love how the wild and edgy leopard patterns have been transformed into a sweet and innocent look by the pastel hues. As we may compare, it's like a lion fell in love with a lamb.

As you see the neckline is pretty sexy as well. This is the main reason why I put on a woal blazer over the dress. This is to cover some sexy parts of the dress and went for a conservative and corporate-ish look for that night.

The good thing about this dress is this is good for day to night time look. The hair and make up will be the determining factor. Since this has been shoot at around 6 pm, so my make up artist went with a smoky eyes effect. I still have those big curls though but as you try to observe my side bangs were shifted to the left.

I felt like I was about to attend an interview for that night because of the very decent and formal appearance unlike with the previous posts which gave me an edgy yet playful look. I would say kudos to my hair and make up artist who are very versatile in experiementing my look which totally suits my whole outift.

Dress from: Keysas Boutique
Blazer from: Local Boutique

Whatever you do, whether you wanted to look fresh and sweet or go for the edgy and sexy look I think all it takes is confidence and creativity! So who would have thought that for such a bold leopard pattern can be toned by pastel tints, only fashion! Right? So for all the dollies paws out and say rawr!

Photography by: Infinity Studios
Hair and Make up by: Sandy Mangandia

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Strike a Pose on a Wild Side

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I'm not the type of girl who are fashionable on day-to-day basis. I am usually more of a jeans and a tank top girl paired with a wedge or flats and a cute hand or a sling bag and I'm up to go. I wear dresses when there's a need to do so. However, in this blog post I'm gonna show you my outfits during our prenuptial photoshoot last April. I have three sets of outfits prepared for that and I will blog it separately so stay tuned!

I've been quite obsessed with animal prints lately simply because it will make you look fierce. I would say that this is one of the styles that never fades because it's classy. It's a fashion that never dies in runway and even in Hollywood glam. 

By these fashion- faux prints every girl would look so glamorous by becoming fearless wearing zebra- striped dresses. The prints are bold and too detailed that will definitely make you a head turner in any event you will be attending.

As you see I kept the whole outfit very simple. The good thing wearing bold patterns is that you can wear minimal accessories on.  I only wore a single, silver bangle to make the bold patterns look subtle, instant chic right here! I paired with a black wedge to compliment with the color. I didn't go for a stiletto because the dress is flowy. I don't think wearing heels will look good in such a halter, flowy dress. The rule of thumb here in wearing animal prints is: let the outfit look simple and let the print be the statement.

On a closer look I definitely went screaming inside as I have seen how my brows were transformed back then. I swear I have the worst pair eye brows ever. I absolutely adore my hair and make up. My hair looks so gorgeous with its big curls just pretty enough to unleash the rawr factor of the dress. I like my day time make up look. It really looks so neutral yet highlighted my eyes and cheeks.

Dress from: Keysas Boutique
Wedge from: Boardwalk Ph

Fashion is an art. It is also an expression so don't be tamed and prove that you are brave enough to unveil the animal side in you. Show off the stripes and look fierce!

Hair and Make up by: Sandy Mangandia
Photography by: Infinity Studios

Saturday, December 8, 2012

My First Longchamp

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Why every girls gone gaga over Long champ? I was wondering why? Because to me it really looks ordinary, plain and very simple plus I can spot a lot of fake le pliage bags everywhere.

So out of curiosity I have googled on them and found out a lot of pros for this bag plus it really looks so preppy yet rugged  to wear. 

Personally, I am not into tote since I am not blessed vertically so I think having a large bag on me might oversize my petite figure. But, whenever I scan some of girls wearing them it really looks fab on them not totally classy like going into a cocktail party yet not that trashy just useful enough for an everyday tote.

I was confuse  in picking which Longchamp to choose:

Longchamp Le Pliage in cyclamen- Photos not Mine Credit to Owner

Photos not Mine Credit to Owner

The first one is the Long champ le Pliage. As you see, this kind has a lot of colors to offer, from neutral black, navy and chocolate to girly colors of hot pink, mauve and red.  For me, this is good for school girls because it is a tote bag which means large and at the same time will give you a girl-ish feel. As for me, I fell in love with hot pink instantly which I must say gave me and equivalent of 101 reasons to buy this hot item.

The second bag is the Longchamp planetes:

Photos not Mine Credit to Owner
The Longchamp planetes really looks so classy. This bag looks so damn fine, but in reference to my personality I am the typical kind of girl who belongs to 85% of female's population who is freaking over pink and things that shine! but I guess those days were over, I am aiming for class than becoming too girly at times. However, this kind of bag is a bit expensive than the le Pliage, not foldable yet its material is thicker than the le pliage.

 Long champ tote bags both the le Pliage and Planetes have various sizes; for the le pliage they have 4 sizes available, extra large (travel tote), large, medium and small and for planetes they have large and medium. For longchamp le pliage measurements feel free to check this site and for the Planetes, check this

Both the le Pliage and planetes have two kinds of handle to choose from; Long and Short handle. Well if you go for comfort, I would say go for the long handle especially if you tend to use it as an everyday bag. If you want to go for a chic look, definitely a short handle is the top pick. It looks sexy and pa sosyal!

The Verdict
Finally, December 2, 2012 I have purchased my very first but not the last Longchamp le Pliage tote. 
When folded (with flash)

Without flash

When laid flat

Unfortunately, there is no planetes available in the Designer Alley Boutique, the shop where I bought my le Pliage thus I ended up with my le Pliage. I have fallen in love with its colors, this one looks like fuchsia but they said its in deep red, whatever it is I am delighted that I have it now. I chose medium size because this one is roomy enough for carrying a lot of things but not too big to overwhelm my size and since I am no longer in school and not yet working therefore I will not be using this bag everyday so I chose the short handle. This bag is meant for totting around the mall or an event. However, this bag doesn't have lots of compartment so all your things will end up shrinking at the bottom and it will look a bit saggy if you put a lot of things on it.

Long top from: Frou Frou Clothing
Peplum skirt from: Passion for Fashion
This is my first ever longchamp bag, my first tote bag and my first hand bag (errr, because I'm a huge fan of slings bags) and I definitely love it and absolutely will be coming back for more. How about yours, what do you think is your favorite bag ever?


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