Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Words that Meant to Live

Posted by Uheartmevs at 8:22 PM
Don't tell me that you love me, if you don't intend to live it forever.

Don't tell me that I am perfect, I have flaws and I want you to accept it...

Don't tell me that your world revolves around me, I don't want to be your world. I only want to be part of your world.

Don't ask for forgiveness, if you are meant to repeat it. There is so much pain a girl could take and I just can't take it any further.

Don't tell me about your ex, I'm a jealous girl and you put up all these insecurities in my head.

Don't tell me that you can't live without me, the last time I heard it was the day before we broke up, which obviously untrue.

Don't tell me that I'm the only one, if you flirt with other girls. 

Don't put up all these stories in my dreams- happy endings, you and me walking down the aisle, forever, only you and me. The least thing I want to hear is the utter truth straight from you heart.

At one point, I thought that there is no way my heart can be broken any further but I was wrong. I'm still scared. I'm still haunted by those painful memories but I will bask in the glory of now, after all I am a broken doll. 


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