Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Hearts, One Love

Posted by Uheartmevs at 11:04 AM
Let me tell you upfront that this blog is not about me announcing to the whole world that I am getting married, so I'm sorry to burst your bubble about it.

All my friends know that I am into a long term relationship,7 years to be exact. Not a day in my life, they keep on asking and even plea to put a ring on it. The pressure disgust me, but at the core of my heart of course I want to get married. When you are in a serious relationship, the idea of marriage is always present. You wanted to spend the rest of your days with the one that you truly love, to sleep and wake up with him is the sweetest kind of feeling.

It is always a total misunderstanding that marriage is the end product of everything, well blame it to movies and fairy tales. Truth is, it is the other way around, marriage is the beginning of everything.

Marriage, is something that shouldn't be rushed, for some it happens when it happens but majority marriage is something that should be well planned.

The idea of marriage scares me too. I grow up with not so happy family I saw how my parents struggle to keep a happy family but most of the time they fail. Sometimes, I thought that if this would be the kind of married life I'll be getting into, it's better not to.

Marriage is a bind, it is a commitment of a lifetime. When you commit yourselves on it, there is no turning back. It is a gift. A gift from God that out of 6 billion  people in the world, two hearts was created to become one.


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