Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Passenger Seat

Posted by Uheartmevs at 5:42 PM
We were on the car. You were driving and I was on the passenger's seat. We tell tales of how things work out for that day. We have this melodramatic music on our background and we sang together even if we are out of tune, we laughed at our out heart's content and suddenly in the middle of the sentence, in the middle of something our eyes met and we said "I love you"

Minutes have passed, the rain poured hard, there were thunders and lightnings and all I can see are people running here and there. I was in trance by that time I was thinking of something that made me worried I know you already know about it. I know you can smell the change of my mood but you just let me. There were dead silence and all I can hear are the raindrops falling outside the window and the instrumental song played on the background, all I can hear was the lovely music on my ears, it's quite selective though and suddenly out of nowhere his hand glide down my arms and folds over my hands. His fingers ran through my mine and our palms were kissing. We were holding hands, it wasn't out first but I marvelled at it, every second of  it. It seems that we know each other more that even our hands instinctively sought for each other to give comfort, to give assurance and to give love.


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