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Centuries ago, the history of film started from theatres and carnival novelty, this has become one of the best medium of expression, information and entertainment, today, films are not just shown through theatre arts but even through motion pictures.

Watching movies has become the everybody’s first choice of unwinding activity  for day off, even  couple’s date and mostly for boredom, whether it is for entertainment or gathering information, movies have become the best medium of expressing one’s culture, belief and personality.
So many great movies, so little time,  even if we want to watch the latest movies aired on our local movie house today, we have to prioritize several things than going out, buy popcorn and watch a feel good movie, and human as we are, it becomes our nature to resolve everybody’s problems, that was then the start of production of compact disc also known as cd and digital video disc also known as dvd, cd and dvd are storage media format for storing movies in a disc, so even if you missed a movie on a big screen its now ok because it can be stored through cd and dvd and you can watch it in your home.

As new technology rises, another new service and alternative can be used to watch movies and that is through online, watching movies online is as easy as A.B,C, what you need is a computer, make sure that it has an internet network access, and search for websites that offers movies online.

{One of the recommended website is,  is one of the popular movie streaming sites because of the good quality copy it puts in the website, does not only stream movies but also it has songs, TV shows and documentaries, watching movies online like more affordable than paying for movie ticket in the movie house or renting dvd in any video stores, it is more convenient as well because we have all the time in the world to watch it through online compared in watching movie house or renting dvd.

Watching movies online like in, has a lot of benefits, watching it online is different from downloading. Downloading a movie has complex process, where as watching online is way easier because all they got to do is find a website that offers movie streaming like and view the movie directly from the website, anyone can possibly do it and can follow the instruction promptly.For people who are busy to go on a movie date or rent cd or dvd, watching movies online could be the answer for this, once a movie is put into a certain movie stream website that movie will be permanent and archived unlike in movie which only be aired for couple of days or weeks  but in online movie streaming movies are stored even for how many years thus people can watch even the old films they have skipped 5 years ago.

Watching movies online as well is hassle free than watching it on the movie house or renting it, it is much  affordable than paying $30 to $40 for a ticket alone plus popcorn and drink, or worrying an extra fee for late returned fees in rental a cd or dvd.Technically, in, all their movie streams are offered in HD player quality, meaning to say that watching it online is like watching it in movie house too, giving you the same satisfied or more satisfied feeling than watching it on hand through the big scree.Another good thing about is that this website is free, some websites offer only a free trial but eventually in the middle of the movies like after 45 minutes of watching it stops and will be asking for your credit card details so that you can continue watching it until the end, some websites asks for a subscription fee but in it is for free. does not exclusively streams movies but also tv series from drama, science fiction to comedy and all the popular tv series, it has also streaming for anime movies and series like Naruto, Avatar: The Last Airbender or Bleach, documentary films are available as well so instead of searching through piles and piles of dvd in local library or rental stores, documentary films are just a click away, songs are also available, you may listen to it or download it.Good thing about this site is that it is easy to use, different streaming offered are divided already so no need to go for general browsing, all you have got to do is clicked on chosen category and search for a song or movie you are looking have general search engine for those whose lazy enough to browse through different categories., has featured movies button where you can find the most watched movie stream and the latest one, so even if you have no movies in particular you have recommended section.This goes the same with audio downloads , songs are categorized through their genre, you can listen to it or download it as well. In choosing the best movie stream, one must see the rating that were indicated for each movie or song and comments is very helpful too if it is highly recommended and the quality of the movie is excellent,  there are different sources for each movie stream examples are FLIXSTRA and GRABOID, they do not have the same video quality thus it important to thoroughly assessed which among the choices have excellent copy. is previously is still under maintenance, however this website is not down , the website has been hacked so some  lost files are still on retrieving process, indeed offers free movie streaming but users still may still sign up to become a registered user, once you become a registered user you have the privilege to join their forum, make submissions and rate and comment for watched movies in the website, in this case other users can hear your opinion about the quality of the download.  is a legal website, many would think that it has legal issues since they might invoke copyright issues but certainly they link their movies streams to those sources who do not have copyrighted materials. have different websites as well however some of them are paid and trial version.

Watching a movie has become part of our daily lives, life is incomplete if we failed to watch our favourite actor’s latest movie, entertainment dynamically evolves from simple theatre show to motion pictures, the means of watching it evolves as well, high technology rises and so does the means to watch a feel good flick on Friday night  with our friends, or a tear jerker film with family on Sunday evening has evolved as well, options are laid and it is up to us on how we want to enjoy it.Movies, probably we cannot see them all but that is the good thing about entertainment and life, it means to say that we have things to catch up, movies to anticipate, it might be a delayed gratification to miss on our favourite tv shows but why worry about it if we have all the technology this world can offer.


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