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dental marketing

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Nowadays, a business cannot with stand for a long time without the aid of marketing, in this fast changing world, society, economy and technology are evolving and behind every successful business lies the best marketing strategy, a successful business is not just about good services rendered, friendly crew or excellent management skills  but should be a thorough analytical study of communication, business development and sales technique.

One of the best and widely used medium of marketing tool is the World Wide Web, everybody is greatly oriented by the power of internet, some lives are changed and many businesses are greatly helped by internet.

dental marketing,  is one of the examples of marketing strategy through internet, dentistry is a noble medical related profession and indeed a dental practice is a  business itself and in order to survive the business, exposure is the key, promotion and advertisement are some of the best ways to nurture a dentist’s dental practice, for a new dentists this a big help in order to gain patients and for old practicing dentists this the best way to show that they are capable enough to adapt to modern times.

In dental marketing, it does not utilize internet, it uses many media in advertising a certain dental clinic, television, yellow pages, and print advertisement, dentists can choose different media in promoting their dental clinics,  a good impression always counts and there are people behind who are capable enough to make a good impression to the public and this is what dental marketing is all about.

But what are the important points that one should remember in choosing a company, a website in terms of dental marketing?  Experience, referrals, recommendations could be helpful  however, one should make sure that the money paid to them is much worth it, results are visible though.

Many dental marketing websites are available in the internet, each of this website offers a marketing avenue that suits your taste of marketing strategies, this certain websites offers different media of dental marketing, the most common media is through print ad. Let me discuss each of these media one by one, print advertisements is one of the oldest method of promoting a business or even an event, but why do some people still prefers his kind of method? Print ad includes newspapers, magazines and other circulations, this might be old school to some but one key in promoting a business is always be visible to public.Repetition could be the key and when your business is visible to public like a newspaper or in a glossy magazine, you can sure ace the other dental clinic.

It is very important in dental marketing especially when you choose print ad as a medium that you have to weigh the location of your dental clinic, if you are located to urban areas, in a big city perhaps where this city has a local glossy magazine, a print ad is the first choice for your dental marketing.A news paper could be an option too for print ad, if you have big budget for your advertisement make sure you will go to a major newspaper company in your city, considering how many people still reads newspaper everyday especially the professional ones, however the major disadvantage is the color of the paper, we all know that newspaper only have white and black ink and that means it is not advisable for you to show images of your whitening work.| For print ad, location is important and statistics of how many subscribers of  this certain print ad company have should be in top of your checklist when choosing dental marketing strategy.

Another media for dental marketing is through television ad even radio, for television seems to be expensive but if planned wisely, certainly the expenses outweighs by excellent promotion, television is the ultimate means of advertisement because watching television is part of our daily lives, all walks of life whether young or old watches television. Television serves a big help especially for dentists who have specialty in dentistry for instance paediatric dentistry and sports dentistry, if you have great budget for this, it is recommended to air your advertisements to major channels and at popular time slots. Radio broadcasting is one of the media for dental marketing too, radio broadcasting targets younger for audiences but it is also advisable to catch the attention of adults and parents, the type of music station also depends for the target audience.

The Yellow Pages considered to be an old school for business advertisements and even for some sees it as obsolete but for dentists who especially target for older patients yellow pages is highly recommended as the most suited type of dental marketing, older patients are not inclined in internet surfing and they prefer to the yellow pages in locating for any dental clinics available in their community.The major advantage of using yellow pages for dental marketing is could be the cheapest way of dental marketing compared to print ads or through internet. The price depends on which book you want to publish your dental clinic and depending on the price of the advertisement.

There are many to utilize dental marketing, print ads, television and radio, yellow pages, direct mail but the most used and trusted by many dentists is  through the aid of internet, majority of the people today relies the internet for searching and internet is the best way to promote your dental clinic. There are many websites who will help your dental clinic be exposed to the world wide web, there is what we call search engine optimization, SEO is the one that can help your site to be found in google, yahoo or bing, in this way your website can be searched and people will get notice your dental clinic.The main advantage of using the power of technology through internet is that it provide convenience for old and new patients, having a website means an easy access for patients to get their advance booking, inquiries and this will also leave a great impression for every patient.

Creating a website is difficult especially if you are not that knowledgeable in computer programming, even though it is very useful for your dental clinic but it requires you to ask help to IT experts or pay for people who can help you in this, another alternative for dental marketing is through social networking status.Social networking websites like Facebook and Multiply offers quasi-website to your dental clinic, all you’ve got to do is create an account, design you page efficiently to attract patients, add friends or contact and encourage for referrals. Many ways in dental marketing emerge today, some remains, some are innovated and some are new to ears, dental marketing is not about how much we pay but it is about how many people notice and buys the effectiveness of your advertisement, indeed dental marketing requires planning, major decision making and assessment of your target clients and your clinic’s location.


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