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St. John Villa

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Does life has been stressful these days, relax, breathe and probably this is the perfect day for eat, pray, love.

They said that a vacation is like love anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia, nothing beats the ecstasy of removing stresses of life every once in a while, move away from hassles and bustles of city life and just be swept away by summer euphoria plus be with our loved ones to complete the happiness we felt when we are away from our usual daily routine and enjoyed the perfection of God’s creation.

When we think of vacation, the first place that comes out of our mind is a beach, the deep, pristine blue ocean, the scorching heat of the sun, the white sandy beaches, colourful coral reefs, fascinating marine life, and virgin green garden,  these  mere words itself  simply took my breath away, a world away from busy city life and an inch away from heaven , I could not think of a place as perfect as this but a Utopia where everything is spic and span but there is, yes there is.

St. John Villa is the place that describes all the adjectives for perfection, it is geographically located at United States of Virgin Islands and is known as the Beverly Hills  of the Carribean, the villa is close to Cruz bay and to USVI National Park, the location itself is stupendous where it is surrounded by finest beaches of Caribbean Island and wrapped by natural tropical jungles and gardens.

St. John Villa offers different fun and luxurious  amenities from A to Zs, to mention a few, they have outdoor activities such as private pool, private hot tub, Jacuzzi, gas or electric bbq, grill deck, patio, balcony and gazebo, king beds and queen beds, entertainment facilities like cable, DVD player, stereo system, you may also bring you laptop and have a free wi fi connection  for those people who needs to be updated from the outside world, there are lots of activities on site and nearby too such as tennis,shopping, sightseeing, restaurants, kayaking, sailing, boating, parasailing and tons of activities to enjoy with friends, family members and loved ones.

 St. John Villa has the most exquisite, luxurious villa rentals, a collection of villa rentals are found scattered all over the island, thus beach bum can choose their most favourite spot on the island, it offers private homes and  condominiums as well.St. John Villa offers as well fun and complete activities, it truly suits different walks of life lifestyle, from fine dining to shopping to sports activities to entertainment all in complete package.Insanely true, as what Mason Cooley stated, vacation prove that life of pleasure is overrated, St. John Villa is not just a stop but a destination, a must destination, I daresay, expensive, yes but a paradise is worth every penny spent and a sweet escapade with loved ones or even yourself alone is truly  remarkable.
Villa Mistral is one of the exclusive properties of St. John Villa and it is very private yet surrounded with tropical nature, it is a five bedroom home and is situated at the heart of Hart Bay, Villa Mistral is a perfect place for couples retreat or a tranquil place for family and friends,  a great spot for holidays and honeymoon for couple, a combination for serenity and yet never too far from reality because it is minutes away from Cruz Bay, where you can do all your shopping spree, for adrenaline junkies, parasailing and windsurfing will surely increase up their satisfaction level with these kind of activities, for health conscious, a gym is readily available at each designated villa, for ladies and even gentlemen who loves to pamper themselves, a massage and spa salon is readily available.To have a wonderful time and unforgettable one, that is the only aim for St. John Villa, for parents, there is nothing to worry though, St. John Villa is not just  avacation spot but it is ensured that the place is safe, they are very equipped with life guard patrols and security personnel and gadgets to make every tourists and local guests dandy safe yet comfortable and in case of natural calamity like a hurricane, guests are asked for early departure and the security personnel and staff  will be readily assist the vacationers . To some, vacation is a luxury but nowadays it becomes a necessity, a necessity for ourselves, for newly blossomed relationships, for old relationships, to a family, to new friends and old friends, it indeed becomes a tool for happiness, every once in a while, it is great to laugh our heart out, feel the natures wonder and celebrate life.

Compared with Villa Mistral, where classy and luxurious design dominated the interior design, Kamabesu Village is the opposite of the latter Villa, Kamabesu Village, is the perfect place for soul searching, indeed possesses a relaxing atmosphere, Kamabesu Village, in the other hand has a simpler and comforting style of interior designing.This is a perfect haven for singles and working bachelor and working girls who wants to do their eat,pray,love in this serene island of Caribbean, the third property of St. John Villa is Villa Catalina,  Villa Catalina is the most perfect for the entire family, especially those couple who will bring their kids.There are days that you feel like not going out from your bed and you think it is entirely a bad hair day, entertainment activities right at your own place are ready to replenish your boredom, a DVD player, VCR, Stereo system, cable and satellite TV are put in each room to fill in those lazy days you might feel during your vacation, see, introverts and extroverts will still be enjoying their stay in this luxurious yet relaxing villa.

Villa Catalina is exclusive only for vacation purposes only, good thing about this, it has a child friendly structure, the swimming pool as well is located at the top of the roof.The fourth one is Mar de Amores, this is the most laid back villa among the four but offers the most striking view right in front of your doorway, Mar de Amores is called the Sea of Love, among the four this villa is the most loved by tourists and local guests.For family and friends bonding, surely outdoor features will serve their purpose, there are private pools, balcony, patio in which family members and friends can have their bonding moments privately, they can have their mini parties at their private pool with the aid of entertainment activities in hand of course.

St. John Villa has four properties, the four are the following, the Villa Mistral, Kamabesu Village, Villa Catalina and Mar de Amores. A lot of activities in stored in St. John Villa, especially for certified beach bums, sporty people and even adrenaline junkies, the villa has indoor and outdoor sports activities like tennis, basketball, miniature gold and swimming, snorkelling and diving, splashy activities await as well like boating, kayaking and fishing.There are those moments, that getting a world away from our usual life seems to be the biggest relief at all thus St. John Villa is the answer for all the grievances  we felt, we are worth this wonderful world can offer.


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