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to get rid of scars

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Skin is very important, it covers our whole body thus serves as the first barrier against infection, it has 7 million pores all over, skin performs not only as a protective barrier against infection but it serves many functions in our body.

Skin, is a medium for sensation where hundreds of nerve endings are located, skin also regulates heat, skin also controls evaporation, skin also function as storage for lipid synthesis  and skin also has an absorption property.

It is greatly important to protect our skin because once it is damaged it introduces a passage for pathological and opportunistic microorganisms to invade our body affecting our normal homeostasis and eventually will cause different illness, aesthetically taking good care of our skin is very important especially for the ladies, isn’t it nice to possess a flawless, moisturized skin, but how is it possible when we have scars, there are different type of scars, worst scar is acne scars that mainly dwells in our face, there are keloid scars, scars due to burns and other more.

The problem of acnes seems to be the scariest nightmare of all teenager, how to get rid of scars is the most commonly raised question for all youngsters, there are many ways available  to get rid of scars, surgical intervention, medical intervention through drugs like ointments and of course the natural way to prevent and to get rid of scars immediately.

Some scar treatments help to get rid of scars however no treatment can completely get rid of scars, scar treatments will only diminish the appearances of scar but not completely, surgical intervention in the other hand could also be a good alternative to get rid of scars however it could be expensive, there are many ways to get rid of scars naturally and there are many herbs available at our backyard garden the main disadvantage of natural method is that it requires time to at least minimize the appearances of scars and lots of patience to do it since it should be ritual, to get rid of scars depends on the type of severity of the scar as well.

What is a scar anyway? Once you get cut and wounded scarring will be the biological process of our body to repair the wounded part, the only problem is that scars are ugly especially acne scars, there are many natural ways to get rid of scars however before elaborating the recognized natural remedy let me discuss first in how to prevent it, once you have a wound or burned it will definitely leave a scar, firs thing to remember is to always protect it from infection, rinse it with running water and rub a first aid. Once you notice that the wound is healing after a few days or weeks, never pick on the scab otherwise it will create a worse scar by the time the wound is completely heal.For teenagers, having an acne stars is like social suicide, but pimples naturally disappear over time but it might take months and even years of years waiting.

to get rid of scars especially scars must start with prevention as well, role number one once you start seeing you self at the mirror with big pimple on your left cheek is to stop popping it, remember the role once your skin is wounded is to prevent it from getting infected once you popped a acne it only creates another entrance for microorganisms to infect your inflamed skin. Healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition will help to get rid of scars, water therapy always in order to get rid of scars, experts say that water has a cleansing and rejuvenating effect, when the body is well dehydrated dead skin cells are shed off faster and new skin grows smoother and faster, eating fruits and vegetables has antioxidant property and rejuvenating effect as well that will heal scars in less span of time, lemon juice is very effective to get rid of scars as well according to studies.

to get rid of scars is easy but needs lots of patience, many plants and herb are available to minimize the appearance of scars, a freshly cut lemon when rubbed in the scar can help the scar look cleared and less visible, cocoa butter are also used to get rid of scars naturally. Centuries ago honey is used for healing scar and wounds, honey is applied topically and recommended to use as often as possible for maximum effectiveness, honey has antibacterial property that enables it to remove scars for only few months, however honey is recommended for those whose skin is not oily.Aloe vera or gel  is also proven to be effective to get rid of scars, olive oil also is one of the recommended products  to get rid of scars, by massaging the affected area with olive oil everyday will not only heal  and get rid of scars but since olive oil has moisturizing properties it will also makes you skin smoother and reduces acnes’ prominences.

Another homemade remedy to get rid of scars is rosehip seed oil, the oil has an anti-ageing properties that helps in rejuvenating skin, through the use of rosehip seed oil massage the affected area every day. Ice cubes as well helps to get rid of scars and is proven effective, wrapped ice cubes with a clean cloth or  a towel , rubbed it over the affected area for approximately 10 to 15 minutes every day, patiently do this every day and you will see noticeable change of your scars after 3 to 4 weeks.Tea tree oil has been found to be effective and beneficial to get rid of scars especially for acne scars.

Natural remedy is always recommended even for some doctors, nothing beats the natural one because there is no worry for any side effects and money, however some people seeks for medical intervention because natural way takes time, months or even years, while in medical intervention it takes only hours, days or weeks depending on the method of how to get rid of scars. Modern technology evolves, different ways to get rid of scars evolves as well, there are products available in the market that will help to get rid of scars, a triple antibiotic treatment ointment is available, if put this overnight it will diminish the scars and eventually it will fade, moisturizer is also effective to fades the scar lines, an oil-free moisturizer is recommended. Oxygenated water or chemically known as Hydrogen Peroxide Solution tends to whiten skin and through application of this will lighten those scarred areas.

Generally, scars are not life-threatening it will heal and diminish over time thus it is highly recommended to apply first home remedy tips to get rid of scars but if nothing happens, it is better to consult a dermatologist. Experts will always know the best way to get rid of scars and what is suited in your skin. to get rid of scars is a gradual process either the natural or the artificial way it will surely take some time, there are scars that are hard to erase and hard to diminish, they do not completely gone but will only fades, others are worried on how they look but beauty is not all the time the perfection of physical appearance, each one of us has flaws and it is only up to us how we deal with out imperfection and turn it into something positive for ourselves.


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