Saturday, December 15, 2012

Strike a Pose on a Wild Side

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I'm not the type of girl who are fashionable on day-to-day basis. I am usually more of a jeans and a tank top girl paired with a wedge or flats and a cute hand or a sling bag and I'm up to go. I wear dresses when there's a need to do so. However, in this blog post I'm gonna show you my outfits during our prenuptial photoshoot last April. I have three sets of outfits prepared for that and I will blog it separately so stay tuned!

I've been quite obsessed with animal prints lately simply because it will make you look fierce. I would say that this is one of the styles that never fades because it's classy. It's a fashion that never dies in runway and even in Hollywood glam. 

By these fashion- faux prints every girl would look so glamorous by becoming fearless wearing zebra- striped dresses. The prints are bold and too detailed that will definitely make you a head turner in any event you will be attending.

As you see I kept the whole outfit very simple. The good thing wearing bold patterns is that you can wear minimal accessories on.  I only wore a single, silver bangle to make the bold patterns look subtle, instant chic right here! I paired with a black wedge to compliment with the color. I didn't go for a stiletto because the dress is flowy. I don't think wearing heels will look good in such a halter, flowy dress. The rule of thumb here in wearing animal prints is: let the outfit look simple and let the print be the statement.

On a closer look I definitely went screaming inside as I have seen how my brows were transformed back then. I swear I have the worst pair eye brows ever. I absolutely adore my hair and make up. My hair looks so gorgeous with its big curls just pretty enough to unleash the rawr factor of the dress. I like my day time make up look. It really looks so neutral yet highlighted my eyes and cheeks.

Dress from: Keysas Boutique
Wedge from: Boardwalk Ph

Fashion is an art. It is also an expression so don't be tamed and prove that you are brave enough to unveil the animal side in you. Show off the stripes and look fierce!

Hair and Make up by: Sandy Mangandia
Photography by: Infinity Studios


Sue Papillon on December 16, 2012 at 9:04 PM said...

that zebra-striped dress looks very good on you! i love those animal prints too! tres, tres belle, chic et rawr!

Uheartmevs on December 16, 2012 at 9:41 PM said...

Thank you Sue! I am nothing compare to you. Lol.. Happy birthday lovely! xx

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