Friday, December 21, 2012

In sync with nature

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For the second day of our prenuptial photo shoot we decided to take a peek with little miss sunshine and went for an outdoor photo shoot. Indeed the weather was so cooperative all I can see is the deep blue sky covered with occasional white blotches of clouds. The birds look so happy dancing with the wind, the trees looked so peaceful with nature and the flowers bloom in such a perfect way. Should I say that this is indeed a perfect day for vanity and love?

So without hesitation I know that my dress would totally fit for the place. I opted for a hot pink hued in floral pattern dress. Floral pattern is very perfect for a daytime look. I entirely love the pop of colors which totally reminds you that summer is definitely here! The color is very bright and vibrant!

I paired my dress with an orange hued wedge. Did I told you that I'm such sucker for wedges, I mean they are very comfortable to wear than stilettos yet still give you the omph look when you walk and also I'm such a clumsy girl I trip down so easily and that's a confession. [Insert sorry face here]

What I like about my dress is that it has a very beautiful wooden- beaded collar that will serve as an instant accessory! This is the very reason why this dress looks very fab.

The dress has a bit of naughty and nice combo too, it may looked conservative in front but it has a cute peek-a-boo effect at the back. Aren't they look so sexy?

The makeup totally suit for the daytime look; it looks fresh and neat and the curls, yes the curls again. As a whole, I think I'll give an 8/10 for this barely there look.

Dress from a local boutique
Wedge: Leaveland

I am completely smitten top with floral patterns ever since, well who wouldn't? I think every girl does. Floral printed dresses will always look super girly, right?

Photography by: Infinity Studios
Hair and Make up by: Sandy Mangandia


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