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Whey Protein - The Best way is the Whey Protein Way

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Whey protein is considered to be one of the major nutrients needed in our body. Proteins serve as the building block of bones, muscles and blood. It offers different benefits in our body like body development, healing of wounds, replenishment of blood and the like. Protein sources include eggs, milk and tofu but for protein supplements whey protein has been widely- recognized and recommended by doctors and said to be one of the ultimate protein sources.

Just like the fortunate accident that happened when Fleming discovered Penicillin, whey protein shared the same fate. Whey protein was actually derived from milk. Whey is extracted during the process of turning milk into cheese. It is indeed amazing how ordinary things unexpectedly turn out to be extraordinary for mankind.

For many decades, whey protein was utilized by body builders and health conscious eventually as time goes by scientists and health experts discovered more and more of its benefits. Generally, whey proteins have two beneficial effects physically and psychologically.

Whey protein helps to alleviate stress in our daily lives. It improves to cope with stress because it alters brain serotonin level in our body with response to stress. Researchers have also found out that whey protein greatly contribute to improving memory. Hand in hand, the improvement of memory is the result of decrease stress in our body. Studies show that people who are at risk of stress may greatly benefit by using whey protein which raises serotonin level, which is known to be the “happy hormone.”

Body builders and athletes greatly rely in their diet as their supplement, why? Protein is the one responsible for muscle development. It helps increase lean body mass weight but also a decrease in body fat. This is pretty amazing not just for athletes but also for health nuts. This is very interesting, it is like a two-in-one health benefits that helps solve our fitness and health goals while not increasing our body fat.

Another significant fact about whey protein is that it helps boost our immune system. Proven by science, protein is a great source of antioxidant like glutathione therefore helps improve immunity as well. Whey protein has been proven to be beneficial to cancer patients. There is a great alteration in immunity for cancer patients; they have reduced glutathione, which is known to be an antioxidant and help weakened immune system.

In the other hand, whey protein is a great source to help prevent cancer itself, since it helps increase glutathione which is an antioxidant it will then fight against free radicals that leads to formation of cancerous cells. Whey protein still have many health benefits to an individual aside from psychological and physical performance especially for immunity it is also beneficial especially for those who have Type II diabetes because it helps control blood glucose level and aid in weight management.

Generally, whey protein does a lot of great help in providing health care and good nutrition to each individual- at different ages, gender and lifestyle. Whey protein’s discovery is a triumph for the world of health and sciences, another breakthrough in the world of medicine and nutrition.

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