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Whey Protein - The Health Benefits you have Never Heard of

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Whey protein is recognized as one of the best sources of protein. Protein is recommended for daily consumption for without it, body development and muscle structure is hindered. Protein is the one of the most important nutrients in our body that helps in boosting our immune system, healing of wounds and replenishing blood. In the other hand, eggs, milk, tofu beef are some of the examples of the food rich in protein.

We heard about several interesting stories about how a single important discovery came from least expected event. Say for example, the discovery of Penicillin by Alexander Fleming; many would describe the discovery as a fortunate accident, “serendipity” perhaps. This goes the same with whey protein. Whey protein was derived from the process of producing cheese from milk.

Whey protein is very popular to athletes and body builder because it enhances physical body growth and physical performance. Whey protein is not only beneficial for physical performance, but also to psychological health as well. Researchers have found more and more significant benefits that whey protein can do to our physical health.

In terms of mental health, whey protein greatly contributes into improvement of memory and responding to critical situation brought by acute stress. Researchers concluded that whey protein helps in the production of certain enzyme that helps to increase the level of serotonin of a person. Remember, that for those depressed patients, it was found out that there is a drastic decrease of serotonin level, thus serotonin is said to be the happy hormone of our body. It helps improve memory as well in relation to a person’s ability to cope up with acute stress.

Whey protein is commonly utilized by athletes and body builders because protein’s major function is the development of body structure and muscles in our body. Nowadays, whey protein is not only consumed by athletes but even for health nuts, it helps increase our lean body mass without worrying of getting an increase fat level in our body. Yes, you heared it right. It was scientifically proven by researchers that the increase of body mass is due to increase in muscle mass but fat level is still maintained or even decrease.

Whey protein contributes to cancer management. Cancer patients is low in immune system because they have low antioxidants presence in their body which greatly helps boost their immunity however according to recent study whey protein is also a great source of glutathione that may help a cancer patient to increase its immunity against opportunistic infections.

Whey protein is both beneficial in physical and psychological aspect. Health vision all over the world greatly emphasizes on prevention of illness and this will only be acquired if one’s body is protected against infection. Whey protein helps boost one’s immunity. Aside from this, whey protein helps in maintaining blood glucose level especially for those who have type 2 Diabetes and weigh management.

Whey protein is indeed another great help for every one of us, for health conscious most especially. It is overwhelming to realize how the world never stops in finding out more and discovering things that will help improve our lives and providing a quality and healthy living.

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