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how to stop panic attacks

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Anxiety is the fear of the unknown, anxiety could be a good stressor to one’s health but if not properly managed it could have a detrimental effects to one’s body and mental health and it is divded by four  levels, mild anxiety is the healthy anxiety, mild anxiety when we have a upcoming examinations and suddenly we have slight stomach upset and slight nervousness, this level is normal and no necessary medical management is necessary.

The phase of anxiety is the moderate anxiety,  this stage starts the appearance of physiological symptoms of anxiety and this includes elevation of heart rate, and increased in respiratory rate interventions should be provided  here, the third level is the severe anxiety level, in this case the person’s perception become narrowed and can no longer think and decide properly, severe anxiety level includes manifestations like shortness of breath, increased breathing and diaphoretic or sweating profusely, medical interventions are applied here and drugs are given.

The last level of anxiety level is panic attacks, this is the most detrimental level because it can provide a negative effect on the person’s physiologic and mental status, physiologically the person will manifest hyperventilation, difficulty in breathing and increase in heart rate, and mentally the person will feel extremely detached from his real world.

There are many causes of panic attacks, it  could be hereditary or probably due to biological disorder such as post traumatic stress disorder, phobias also is one of the causes of panic attacks, panic attacks should be handled and managed properly before it aggravates the condition of the person but how to stop panic attacks?

On top of how to stop panic attacks checklist will be relaxation and breathing techniques, relaxation includes deep breathing technique and pursed lip breathing and one’s mind must be focused on the lighter and more positive thought, in this manner it will lessen the time of your panic attacks.

Knowing how to stop panic attacks starts knowing first what is a panic attack and its manifestations, there are a lot of triggering factors that of panic attack, it depends on the person itself, the causes varied by cultures and society as well, the main core of the triggering factor of panic attack is that one is feeling threatened either physically or mentally that leads them feel that they are out of control, the fear is very real on them and they got out of control. The hallmark manifestation of panic attacks are, shortness of breathing, racing pulse palpitations and chest pain and a sense of impending of death. When you can identify yourself the cause of your panic attacks, you are slowly gaining control of yourself, the key is t know thy self, pinpoint the problem, however most of the panic attacks came from unknown source the next key is to be calm.

The causes may be an excessive stress on work or thinking, in this case a relaxation activity is applied, how to stop panic attacks means knowing how to prevent it as well. Know how to stop the panic attacks before it stops,  when you really cannot handle to face the situation, do not force yourself to engage a situation or an activity.

Panic attacks start from getting out  of control of your mind thus you have to conquer it as well through mind control, when you have feel the impending panic attack use the word STOP!, you have to stop the series of scary thoughts inside your head and make a full stop through all your fears and anxieties.

how to stop panic attacks? It starts with good disposition in life, healthy nutrition and regular exercises, during panic attacks adrenaline levels goes up however when a person always have a regular exercise adrenaline levels are kept low even during panic attacks, through exercising as well boosts up the body’s natural morphine, which is the endorphin that boosts up a person’s mood. There are many ways to stop panic attack, many treatment and drugs available but the best way will always be the natural way. Good nutrition always helps, if you have been experiencing series of panic attacks for the past years, caffeine should be cut in your diet, this includes coffee, chocolate and soda, caffeine is a stimulant, water therapy works to in stopping panic attacks, it provides soothing and calming effect to the body, foods that are stress producers like alcohol and beverages, junk foods should be minimized or better diminished it from the diet.

Get plenty of sleep will help in how to stop panic attacks , sleep deprivation draws the elements for self- control and self-regulation thus an 8 hour sleep a day will help in stopping panic attacks. Another remind in how to stop panic attacks is to control your environment, first and foremost is to always ensure safety, if the panic attack was caused by a physical or environmental stimuli remove them from the stimuli to lessen the aggravation of the panic attack, if they are feel cold, warm them by have them worn their jackets, if chilled cool them, never someone feel embarrassed of their panic attacks because it will only worsen the situation. Controlling the environment will also help the relaxation you felt, the other way for this is to meditate, meditation will center your thoughts and worries and give calmness to mind.

Another to do’s how to stop panic attacks checklist, is use coping statements, always have a positive thinking, choose a statement that alters the negative thought. The next is accept the feelings, identify the emotions you feel in times of panic attack and as much as possible find a reason behind it, in this case you are aware of what you feel, validate the feeling and the reasons behind. If you think you have tried all the natural ways to stop panic and nothing has change, I guess it is time for you to consult a medical expert, in situation like this you become more worried about the severity of your panic attacks and thus aggravates your anxiety as well, consulting a doctor is not actually a sign of surrender but an indication that you wanted to help yourself and you wanted to overcome your panic attacks.

On top everything that is mentioned in how to stop panic attacks is to always keep track f your progress, a journal will be a big help, through the aid of journal will permit to record the things that will help and does not help in putting a stop to your panic attack. Keep track of your daily activities, what you eat, your thoughts before a panic attack happens so that you will be able to trace the factors that could worsen the panic attacks. Write down the measure you are doing and if you are taking a medication also write it down, a personal assessmen is important for self awareness and if you have a psychiatrist, this will be of big help to him to fully do the correct and appropriate interventions of your panic attacks.


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