Friday, September 24, 2010

Who's broken?

Posted by Uheartmevs at 3:54 PM
 I am now in healing some wounded soul and broken heart...
Oh yes I made mistakes, did the wrong decisions of my life, I've hurted a lot of innocent individuals... You may think of me as a murderer or a greedy ass of a terrorist but oh well it's not like that..
Sometimes in our lives we have to make some sacrifices in order for us to be happy... I have to admit I have been happy but I know it was wrong, it was really REALLY wrong....

I admit I was such a selfish, self-centered lass who thinks of nothing but herself... I know the consequence by then I still gone far...
Some turn of events were indeed unpredictable and I have to admit it was beyond my control and it brought worse circumstances... I feel sorry but to all the people whom I've hurted but actually inside of me I did not regret everything from my past because I was ready for it. and mostly I was then happy for it... Shall we say I became responsible on what I have entered.. Although it was not a good decision after all but whatever I am going through right now perhaps I'll just take it as another trials to trudge on and look positively on the future...


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